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Raise Awarness

This is where you can make the difference to the poorest people in Uganda,Kenya and Rwanda. In our Western society its hard to imagine what life would be like if our  government wasn't accountable,where corruption was the norm and people lived in extreme poverty . Without the support of Clear International many more lives would be lost . It's so important we don't forget and make the injustice known. Start by telling others. You can arrange an event and we have provided downloads to help you make it truly memorable.


This is where we can join together and really make a change for the better. We have made the process easier for you to write emails to the people who can make life changing decisions to better the justice system.Emails only take a few moments to write but can make the world of difference.


Different skills are needed from time to time and we are building a database of potential volunteers who can offer legal research and case preparation time and skills, book-keeping/accountancy skills for the CLEAR offices and business skills to help with the social enterprise projects. Some work can be done from a law library in the UK but we welcome volunteers visiting our projects to understand the difficulties on the ground and to meet those with whom they will be collaborating.



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