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Volunteer Internships

Stuart-and-Helen-border.gifThis is a chance to work out your passion for justice!

Internships are not about having something to do on your gap year! They are about rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever you are asked to do by the African project you have volunteered to serve. This can be from clerical/ statistics gathering to legal research or taking statements from clients in some of the worst prisons you will ever visit.

Post LPC/BVC graduates to senior partners are welcome! We do take some LLB & BA graduates, subject to their experience and how useful they can be on site. Places are limited as we do not place more than one European in any office. 

Note: Applications are processed in the UK on behalf of our partners in Africa but the final decision on whether an intern is accepted remains with the relevant partner NGO/CSO in country as vacancies arise.

Here’s what one previous intern has said about the effect their time of service has had on their lives:
"Working with CLEAR in Kenya helped me to recognise that the legal profession, despite its reputation, can be both caring and compassionate." MB

For further details contact Matthew Price.

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