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About Us

CLEAR is a grass roots organisation that helps individuals in their court cases with the help of local lawyers. 

CLEAR’s vision is help the poorest get justice, by:

  • Community legal education - teaching people what you and i expect to be everyday rights, particularly in slum areas and in remote parts of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
  • Access to justice through legal aid centres for those on the fringes of society.
  • Prison work, training people how to represent themselves before the Court and acting for those who cannot represent themselves, for example children
  • Advocacy - Challenging the Government to change unjust and outdated laws.
  • Public interest litigation - for example, taking the Government to Court to get them to give street children ID cards. 

Our aim is to help our partners overseas to reach a point where they are self sufficient, financially and organisationally. To that end, we are also encouraging and part funding new "business" ventures, providing work for the poor and profits to help run the law projects.

CLEAR International raises funds to help our partners provide the service in their own countries.

Delivery of each project must be owned and driven by local management, staff and volunteers, while each country's project must:

  • be cost effective & subject to regular financial checks
  • provide relief to individuals and grow society's understanding of international human rights
  • be aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable in society, often women and children

In response CLEAR International provides:

  • Training and research facilities
  • Funding
  • Other support e.g. Law books, software, computers and research

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