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See the latest blogs from Africa – from our interns currently serving in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and from the some of the project’s officers (when they have time!)

A great wee video about being a CLEAR intern

Posted by International LCF on 05 03 2010

I hadn't seen this before today.

This is a great wee video about being an intern with CLEAR.  Its really helpful if you're looking for a flavour of what it might be like.

If you are interested in finding out more, do get in touch...



Hello and Welcome!

Posted by International LCF on 13 02 2010

Hello and Welcome!


2010 will be an exciting, but challenging,

time of change for CLEAR International.  
















As Acting International Director, I would like to thank

everyone who has supported CLEAR International work. 

The whole team deeply appreciate your generous support

in 2009, and look forward your partnership in 2010.

So, 2009 saw stories of justice, hope and freedom throughout CLEAR.

However, CLEAR International is in a very difficult financial position. 


The economic climate has hit us all hard, but CLEAR especially. 

We are not currently able to maintain previous levels of financial support

to Africa.  That means we all need to make grim decisions about CLEAR.


In response, we are launching our new campaign:

           "Give Up a Little; Give Up a Latte".


Your money will fund:


  • legal education for 180 people;
  • legal training for 25 CLEAR volunteers in East Africa; or
  • 43 Rwandan prison visits.


More information can be found from our Give Up a Latte page. 

We challenge YOU to give up a latte a week and give £10 a month to CLEAR.


Every blessing.



Andrew MacKay,

Acting International Director

CLEAR International




In Kenya!

Posted by Helen on 09 02 2010

I have been in Kenya for over a month and a blog here is long overdue….


I spent my first two weeks staying with a host family, who looked after me and made me feel at home. I was sad to move out but will keep in touch with them during my time here.


I’m living in a house which is 2 minutes from the beach and the Indian ocean…perfect! I had been attempting to swim before work, but not sure how long I’ll keep that up! At the moment I live with one other girl, who I get on really well with.


Work has been varied and interesting. I’ve been to the local prison for the weekly legal education workshop, I’ve interviewed clients and written up court forms for them. I am settling into life in the office and am enjoying getting to know the people I work with.


In the next few weeks I’m hoping to see a bit more of the country and to improve my Swahili!



Claire in Kigali

Posted by Claire on 06 01 2010

So I'm blogging from my bed in frozen Scotland - I appear to have acclimatised to Rwanda over the last 15 months and find Aberdeenshire  (in 20cm of snow) rather chilly!  Am enjoying my Christmas vacation in our coldest winter for 30 years though and am currently contemplating how I will get back to Kigali if the snow, ice and airport chaos continue! 

Reports from the Rwanda advise me of rain - shame as I am needing a heat up!  Exciting times in the Lawyers of Hope office this month though as we finalise our agreement with World Vision and start working together on our child rights project - it's been a long time in the planning and now we get to move forward.  We also have another funding bid to submit on Monday for a prison legal aid project............more than enough to keep us out of mischief in the near future then!


Stu’s first video diary

Posted by Stu on 09 12 2009

Life in Africa as a legal intern. Follow my every move in the heart of East Africa. Pictures, videos and blogs!




Donna in Rwanda

Posted by Donna Smale on 21 10 2009

web_donna_smale.JPGIt's been an interesting couple of weeks, lots of ups and downs! I was exhausted when I arrived, but keen to settle in. Within 24hrs of arrival, I had my first injury! I stepped in a hole when crossing the road, and sprained my ankle very badly. This has been quite a hamper to finding my way around as I can't walk very far! Despite this, I have figured out Kigali a little bit, traveling on public transport including my first ever motorbike ride, on a moto-taxi!


In the office, I am working with the Lawyers of Hope team, David and Claire, who are both fantastic. So far, I have been reading all about the work of the organisation, future projects and strategy plans. I have also been using my limited Excel knowledge to sort out some of the accounts and presenting the budget. I'm very excited to get stuck in with the new projects, hopefully doing lots of visiting, as well as contributing more to the running of the office.


At the same time, however, the team has come up against obstacles in obtaining legal personality for LOH in Rwanda. It's frustrating that officials and paperwork can be hampering such good work, but we'll keep going and find a way around it!8117_671942520252_61100454_41537724_2849446_n.jpg


I have managed to see a bit of the country in my first few weeks. The LOH staff went on a mini-break to Lake Kivu with a visiting LCF team. The country is really beautiful and provides a fantastic back drop to my time here!


Donna in Rwanda

Posted by Donna Smale on 20 10 2009


27/09/2009 - Time of writing

I'm currently on a flight to Rwanda, and I thought this might be an appropriate time to write my first entry on my blog about my trip to Rwanda!


Firstly, a few words about myself. I'm slowly moving along the path of training to be a barrister. I did a law degree at the University of Sheffield and have just completed the Bar Vocational Course at Nottingham Law School. In 2007, I took part in a mission trip to East Africa for law students, visiting the offices of CLEAR in Uganda and Kenya. I found the whole trip incredibly inspiring. The offices achieved so much with limited resources and made a massive difference to the lives of many people. Last year, I applied to be an intern and was asked to go to Rwanda.


Throughout the summer, I received many donations to my fundraising. I have been very lucky to receive support from the International Bar Association and from Lincoln's Inn. The people at the church that I attend in Overton have been incredibly generous and I was really encouraged by all the personal messages of support that I received.


Most recently, I've had all sorts of difficulties sorting out paperwork for my visa. I'm concerned that considering how frustrating bureaucracy is in England, I'm not sure how I'm going to cope in Rwanda!


Helen on her way to Mombasa

Posted by International LCF on 25 09 2009

web_helen_foley.JPGAfternoon! So I've never written a blog before but here goes my attempt:

I'm Helen and I'll be going to Mombasa in January and working out there for 6 months. At the moment I am working in a Christian children's holiday centre in Sheffield called The Oakes. I am part of the gap year team and we are all doing our training at the moment so we know how to run camps. We're currently doing our lifeguard training which involves lots of jumping in and out of a very cold pond/lake and trying not to get caught in the pond weed.

Over these next few months I am preparing (and being prepared) for the work in Kenya where I am looking forward to the lessons in store for me!


Claire in Rwanda

Posted by International LCF on 25 09 2009

web_claire_1.JPGGreetings from Kigali - no idea how to blog but if it's a stream of consciousness then I can manage that!
Another day, another minor office challenge here - one blown computer later (following small fire in our extension cable....) and now we have a suspicious smell emanating from our ever-leaking office block toilet.....oh dear!   Planning follow up to help prisoners in Kigali this week and getting quite excited about the difference even a small organisation can make - 1 prisoner represented and a couple released after 1 week of intervention - imagine the possibilities when that grows grin


CJ’s blog

Posted by International LCF on 24 09 2009


Before and after photos: Christine's successful climb of Mt. Longonot on 4th October raised £1700 for CLEAR!

It was a tougher climb than I remembered! Still, plodding away up the mountain was well worth it - not only for the views at the top of the Rift Valley, but also for the monies raised. Thanks to all you generous souls! Its not too late to contribute - just click online and follow the donation buttons.

As you can see I was accompanied by a retired Judge and 4 colleagues from the CLEAR, Kenya offices, all of whom were sponsored in kenya by their colleagues and friends. Asante sana to them and to all who contributed.