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Our first three CLEAR projects are providing legal education aid and research in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda but there is a huge need for similar work across the developing world. Without projects like CLEAR, being poor means a very real fear of the police and other authorities. You learn not to expect justice. You learn that if you have no money when a policeman stops you for a bribe, there are two likely outcomes - a beating or a false accusation and prison. You learn to stay away from those in authority, even if you need their help.

Our overseas partners would like to achieve a self-sustainable project. To do this in a poor country is almost impossible for the numbers of volunteers available. Hence we are in the process of developing social enterprise projects – small businesses that will employ the poor, as well as provide profits to help run the project. Provided all net profits are reinvested into the main project such funding will retain the benefit of charitable tax relief.

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