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What you can fund

£5 Photocopies 25 charge sheets for prisoners who don’t know what they are charged with
£10 Takes one volunteer student caseworker on prison visits for a month
£25 Funds an “average case” in the legal aid centres
£60 Pays the expenses of an African “intern” (a trainee lawyer) in the CLEAR office for a month
£100 Provides for a legal education seminar in an up-country prison or village
£700 Funds an in- house advocate for a month
£1500 Provides the telephone and internet connections for a CLEAR legal aid office for a whole year
£3000 pays for one office’s prison decongestion programme for a year
£5000 Buys a small business and helps towards self-sufficiency within the country
£15,000 Runs a CLEAR office for an entire year, including salaries
£50,000 Opens two new legal aid centres in the slums of Africa

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